The first step: Consult

Jetcraft’s insightful perspective and long consulting experience will help you avoid risks and pitfalls along the road to your desired goal. If you want to buy an aircraft, we’ll ask you how you plan to use it, to arrive at a mission profile and the optimal aircraft for you to acquire. If you are selling an aircraft, we’ll want to know if you plan to replace it. Or are you considering other solutions going forward such as fractional ownership, leasing, jet cards or charter? Answers to these questions and others will give us a clear picture of your needs and help us start to locate your next aircraft and consider your financial options.

Next: Construct

Jetcraft now starts building the creative, unique transaction solution you need. Investments Jetcraft has made in marketing and technology will aid us in constructing a plan for you that integrates more options than other brokers can offer. Our analysis of current worldwide market aircraft valuations, demand and pricing will help you make your best financial decision, ensuring buyers pay the best price for their acquisition and sellers get the best price for their asset. An extensive international roster of aviation experts amassed over the last 50 years will help us find this information for you. Jetcraft will take a strong position to obtain favorable financing terms for a buyer, and a sound investment strategy for a seller.

Time to get serious: Contract

Strong negotiation skills take center stage now. Constant communications between all concerned will be vital throughout the contract stage, and time is often of the essence. Letters of intent, marketing parameters, pre-purchase inspections, contract terms, and a purchase and sale agreement will be drawn up. Jetcraft will evaluate all offers for you for financial soundness and funds availability. Deposit and payment schedules will need to be coordinated with lenders and terms for transfer of funds will be specified.

Sealing the deal: Conclude

At this point, what Jetcraft cares about most is that you are pleased with the outcome of your deal. Completing a transaction successfully means knowing what needs to be done, and executing quickly. This is where Jetcraft excels on behalf of its clients. We’ll handle all closing documentation required by the financial institutions, attorneys, and U.S. and international aviation authorities. When the title changes and ownership is transferred, we’ll make sure  we’re there to say “Congratulations.”