A DECADE OF DECODING THE DATA Ever Forward, 2024’s Pre-Owned Business Jet Market Forecast – the 10th Anniversary edition

We’ve spent the past 10 years honing our ability to analyze the market and build on our data capabilities at Jetcraft, allowing us to make increasingly accurate predictions for the years ahead. Our commitment remains greater transparency for buyers, sellers and the wider business aviation community.

Ever Forward, 2024’s Pre-Owned Business Jet Market Forecast gives insight into the total volume of aircraft transactions over the next five years and their associated value. And for the first time, we’re incorporating market dynamics, highlighting price fluctuations and aircraft availability, as well as the factors influencing these changes.


Jetcraft Presents: The 2021 Market Forecast

Business aircraft sales totalled over $26B in 2018 and are forecast to reach $30B per annum by 2023.

The business aviation fleet is predicted to grow by 12.1% over the next 5 years for a total of 22,211 aircraft.

Growth in the pre-owned value proposition and increased demand for out-of-production aircraft are occurring due to easier, more accessible and less costly refurbishment options.

All in-development aircraft programs formally announced by manufacturers are exclusively Midsize and up.


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