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Job Openings

Asia Sales Engineer

Are you a person with a passion of aviation? If you think you would be a good fit for this position we invite you to submit your resume. Interested parties can send their resume to David Dixon, Jetcraft Asia President, at [email protected].

Job Description

The position of Sales Engineer is designed as an intermediate role for designated Jetcraft sales efforts. This person will provide sales support functions which require attention to detail, aircraft technical knowledge and an ability to quickly adapt to changing market forces. It also requires being prepared to travel at short notice as needed.

We are looking for someone with a proven interest in aviation if they come from outside the industry looking to break in.


There is the potential for two locations – Hong Kong SAR, our Asia base, and the newly announced Singapore entity. The work will be focused on a region from Mongolia to Melbourne, Yangon to Guam.

Primary Responsibilities

Aircraft Valuations

  • Be up to date with market developments as it relates to value trends across the industry.
  • Use technical data, comparable aircraft pricing, current market trends, book values and other factors to methodically value aircraft for designated sales leads.
  • Understand aircraft valuations and how they are used internally and/or externally to manage the expectations of buyers and sellers.

Aircraft Specifications

  • Provide the sales & management teams with a clear analysis of the aircraft equipment level and maintenance status.
  • Gather aircraft technical data, condition notes and other pertinent information to build a detailed and marketable aircraft specification.
  • Provide ongoing updates to ensure accurate and relevant information of the aircraft.
  • Be creative in how to present our products. Get the images and detail a buyer wants to see.

Market Research / Summaries

  • Use available resources such as AMSTAT, Aircraft Post and internal/external listing services to source and interpret data for Jetcraft Market Summaries.
  • Responsible for maintaining Jetcraft’s core market summaries on a regular basis.
  • Build new and leverage existing relationships to obtain technical and pricing intelligence for on/off market and sold aircraft.
  • Organize technical, market and aircraft data into Jetcraft’s software archives.
  • Develop working relationships with industry colleagues in the broker/dealer community.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Presentation preparation (Exclusive Listing and Acquisition Proposals, Market & Prospect Updates and ability to generate focused, customised presentations as needed).
  • Use of Salesforce to actively manage designated Jetcraft inventory listings, leads & work orders.
  • Work closely with Jetcraft Marketing to establish effective marketing for designated aircraft.
  • Assist in designated aircraft reviews for gathering technical data and overall condition information.
  • Assist as needed with aircraft viewings, inspections, and prospective buyers and their technical team or aircraft management.
  • Build relationships with MRO facilities to obtain maintenance, refurbishment and overhaul quotes.
  • Get out and meet those people who help drive our business. Help support them and be the person they turn to.

Qualifications/Proven Skills

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams and Outlook.
  • College degree in Business, Aviation or relevant/equivalent industry experience.
  • Ability and willingness to learn new skills and knowledge as no two deals are the same which is an exciting part of this role – always something new to learn.
  • Perform the essential roles and responsibilities under self-guidance and determination.
  • Must have strong attention to detail with analytical and creative thinking skills.
  • While not essential, a second ‘regional’ language will be looked upon favourably.
  • Someone with a financial background also welcome.
  • Must not be fazed by working in multiple time zones.

Growth Potential

The right candidate is likely to be someone who shows growth potential and above all interest in helping to expand the company’s reach and strives to the role of a ‘Sales Director’. The right candidate won’t be afraid to make suggestions and show initiative. We want leaders not followers.

This does not constitute a complete listing of the job requirements and the duties remain subject to change by Jetcraft in its sole discretion.


If you think you would be a good fit for this position we invite you to submit your resume. Interested parties can send their resume to David Dixon, Jetcraft Asia President, at [email protected].




For more information about current job opportunities at Jetcraft, contact .

Jetcraft is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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