Jetcraft is carbon neutral

Through an ambitious partnership with aviation sustainability experts, Azzera, Jetcraft has avoided and removed 13,669 verified metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere since 2021.

We are compensating for 100% of our own emissions, while investing in a variety of projects that deliver positive, environmental, developmental, and social change around the globe in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Over the past 3 years, the company has supported forest conservation projects in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and the USA, facilitated wind power energy in South Africa and Turkey, and captured methane from a landfill in North Carolina.

“We’re a global business and therefore our efforts must have a global impact, which is why we’re excited to be positively influencing climate projects in as many regions as possible.”

Peter Antonenko, President

Jetcraft’s carbon emissions have been certified and verified by third-party audit and include ICAO CORSIA-eligible offset measures.

Our climate positive action


metric tons of CO2e


Wind Power
South Africa, Turkey

6,731 metric tons of CO2e


Forestry Protection
Papua New Guinea,
United States, Indonesia

4,438 metric tons of CO2e


Methane Avoidance
United States

2,500 metric tons of CO2e


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