June 12, 2024  ·  Marius Breitenbach

How to prepare and market your listing

During the height of the pandemic, inventory levels for business aircraft dropped to a record low of 3%. Buyers were less demanding, it was easy to find a buyer close to home, and many aircraft were sold before they hit the market.

With demand at an all-time high, selling a listing was more straightforward, especially as many sellers delayed large maintenance projects and internal refurbishments to capitalize on a dynamic market.

Now the market is returning to normal, it’s important that sellers understand the benefits of properly readying their aircraft for sale to maximize its value.

Previously, buyers were willing to invest in the business jet they wanted, even if it was due for maintenance or refurbishment. Today’s buyers expect aircraft to be well maintained and in the early part of their maintenance. Sellers should stay ahead of maintenance requirements to ensure their aircraft’s readiness for a buyer or be prepared to lower their price.

Once the aircraft is in a good, saleable condition, sellers should consider potential buyers in all locations, including outside their home country. Business aviation is a global market, and transactions regularly take place across borders. Partnering with a specialist like Jetcraft, who are connected to buyers around the world, and who know exactly where demand lies, will give you an edge when promoting your listing.

With the number of days on the market increasing, positioning your aircraft to the right audience is now even more important. Sellers should work with a trusted advisor with a strong pulse on the current industry landscape. At Jetcraft, our data-science led approach includes a high-level snapshot of the market, relevant data on the aircraft and a detailed value analysis. We also have a network of qualified buyers ready to make offers.

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of a digital listing ecosystem to reach your audience. Our customized 360-degree aircraft promotions produce the strongest, most targeted reach in the industry, using advertising, digital marketing, and emails to make your listing stand out to potential buyers. Bottom line: Jetcraft gets more eyes on your aircraft than anyone else.

With more than 60 years of experience buying and selling aircraft, we know how to build the most successful listings.

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