June 27, 2024

Q&A with Samantha Parkhouse

Samantha Parkhouse, Sales Manager, Northern Europe, Jetcraft
Location: London, UK

Describe a typical day or week in your role.

No day is the same but my responsibilities include bringing in new leads and nurturing existing leads for opportunities to bring in new deals.

Tell us what you enjoy most about your role.

What I love most about my role is being emersed in the world of aircraft. I’ve always been very passionate about flying and aviation throughout my career, so just being around the aircraft on a daily basis, talking about the aircraft, marketing the aircraft and selling the aircraft.  I also love meeting new people, networking and discussing new opportunities with them.

Describe what you are most proud of in your professional journey.

I think so far, I am most proud of my development and where I have come at this stage. From getting my PPL at age 21, to having done marketing for Jetcraft and now in sales for Jetcraft. Transitioning through different areas around aviation but learning as I go.

Tell us how Jetcraft’s global network of offices and specialists benefit clients.

Jetcraft has 20+ offices worldwide which is an incredibly useful tool as we can rely on different markets and have great market access. For our buyers and sellers in Northern Europe, if we have a client looking for a specific model, we have a much broader range of opportunities worldwide having that access. Also in the different markets, we have the local experts. Having people on the ground who really understand those markets is a great benefit and advantage for us.

Explain how Jetcraft’s data and analytics are used within your work.

Jetcraft’s data and analytics is crucial for the role for sales as it provides us with key market data on the trends, values and demands of aircraft on the market at that current time. It also helps us deliver the up-to-date data to our clients to give them a really transparent look. For both buyers and sellers, the data really helps them make an informed decision on their purchase and selling opportunities.

Share which business aircraft you would buy.

I would buy the Gulfstream G650. The G650 has a really impressive range and can connect cities like Hong Kong and New York. It also has a beautiful interior.

Share a travel essential you couldn’t live without.

A travel essential I couldn’t live without is a power charger because you’ve always got to be on call, you never know what call you are going to get.

Share the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given.

The best piece of advice I have ever been given is to stay curious and never stop learning.

Describe what’s most rewarding about working with Jetcraft.

I think the most rewarding aspect of working with Jetcraft is the camaraderie.  We have a very special team feeling. Everyone supports each other, everyone gives great advice to each other, and I think that there is a real sense of trust.


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