June 26, 2012

Jetcraft corporation appoints president of Jetcraft Asia

David Dixon a business aviation veteran with nearly 40 years of industry experience

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RALEIGH, NC and HONG KONG, June 6, 2012 – Jetcraft Corporation, a provider of business aircraft sales, acquisitions, trading and brokerage services, today officially announced the appointment of David Dixon as President, Jetcraft Asia.

Mr. Dixon’s mandate is to manage overall operations and lead sales initiatives for Jetcraft Asia, spanning a territory from Beijing to Sydney. A UK national, David Dixon has been based in Asia for more than 30 years. Previously in his career, Mr. Dixon was Bombardier Business Aircraft’s Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific.

“We are delighted to welcome David to the Jetcraft team,” says Jahid Fazal-Karim, Co-Owner and Board Member, Jetcraft Corporation. “He is a true veteran of business aviation and few others know more about the Asian market. Having established Jetcraft’s formal presence in Asia earlier this year, I could not think of a better person to represent and lead Jetcraft in this dynamic and exciting market. We look forward to working with David to better serve buyers and sellers through superior market intelligence and a deeper understanding of regional issues. Based on the projected growth of the Asian business aviation market, I also look forward to our continued success,” continues Mr. Fazal-Karim.

“I am very pleased to be joining the Jetcraft team and to being reunited with my longtime friend and colleague Jahid Fazal-Karim,” continues David Dixon, President, Jetcraft Asia. “Jetcraft has an excellent reputation for consistently delivering high-quality service in multiple markets. Our objective in Asia is to leverage our knowledge and experience in the region, while implementing Jetcraft’s proven approach to remarketing aircraft for clients worldwide. I look forward to working with the entire Jetcraft team and contributing to its overall success,” concludes Mr. Dixon.

Mr. David Dixon started in the aviation industry in the UK in 1973 when he joined Britten-Norman (Bembridge) as a sales executive serving the African market. In 1978, he was awarded the “Member of the Order of the British Empire” (MBE) distinction for his contribution to British exports. Later that year, David joined Short Brothers. In 1980, he moved to Hong Kong to establish a regional sales office. Short Brothers was acquired by Bombardier in 1989 and David Dixon became Sales Director for Regional and Business aircraft. In 1997, he assumed full-time responsibility for Bombardier Business Aircraft sales in Asia Pacific, Australia and, for a period, India. In 2002, David Dixon was named Bombardier Business Aircraft’s Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific. Until recently, David was Vice-Chairman of the Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA). Currently, he is active in regional Operators’ Committees.

About Jetcraft Corporation

Jetcraft Corporation is an international leader in new and pre-owned business aircraft sales, acquisitions and trades. Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, Jetcraft has sales offices/representation in five US cities; Basel and Zurich, Switzerland; Dubai, UAE, Moscow, Russia and Hong Kong, China. The company’s 50-year-plus track record in aircraft transactions has earned it a world class customer base and one of the strongest global networks in the industry. Jetcraft Avionics LLC, a subsidiary of Jetcraft Corporation, provides distribution of Enhanced Flight Vision Systems (EFVS) for aftermarket business and wide body aircraft using Elbit-Kollsman’s state-of-the-art EVS-II and AT-HUD.

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