October 27, 2014

International, Personal, and Always Ready to Deal

Jetcraft was featured in issue 02 | 2014 of Outlook Magazine by Jet Aviation. The article includes information and interviews…

“Jetcraft’s business is based on personal relationships and trust. Company president Chad Anderson says a lot of what they do involves “expectation management.” Anderson says people tend to think the aircraft sale and purchase process will be easier than it is. Sometimes expectations are not realistic in terms of how quickly the process should happen, and sometimes they can be thwarted by unforeseen circumstances. “We help them deal with surprises,” Anderson says. “This could come from a crew misbehaving on a demo flight, where you need to replace the crew at the last moment, or a rogue mechanic making bad statements about an aircraft that are not necessarily fact.”

… along with an overview of the company’s history.

“Oliver turned the flight school he had acquired into an aviation academy, provided the first 24-hour maintenance center on the East Coast, was the first to provide avionics installations in corporate aircraft, was one of the first Citation  service stations and began to lease aircraft. He also established a relationship with Learjet and began to sell new Learjets, as well as doing occasional demonstration flights for the manufacturer.”

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