June 9, 2016

Gulfstream G650 Overview (2012-Present)

Product Overview

The Gulfstream G650 is the fastest business jet ever built and has one of the longest ranges. The fuselage cross section is a unique oval shape with 8 large (28 inch) cabin windows on each side and the highly efficient wing has a greater sweep (36 degrees) than previous Gulfstream models. It is equipped with a fly-by-wire flight system.

As of May 2016, 8% of the Gulfstream G650 aircraft were purchased pre-owned by their current owners, the other 92% new. 11.7% are currently for sale with the majority of those (79%) under an exclusive broker agreement. When for sale, the average number of days on the market is 149.

Brief History

The Gulfstream G650 debuted in 2012. There have been a total of 158 aircraft produced with 120 currently in operation.

Worldwide Appeal

Most of the 120 Gulfstream G650 aircraft in operation today are owned outright (119) with 7% currently leased. North America has the largest percentage of Gulfstream G650 aircraft (55%), followed by Europe (23%) and Asia (15%).


G650 InteriorPerformance

Two Rolls Royce BR700-725A1-12 engines power the Gulfstream G650, each offering 16,900 pounds of thrust and using 453 gallons per hour (GPH). The range of the Gulfstream G650 is 6,912 nm operating under NBAA IFR 8 passengers with available fuel.


The cabin volume for the Gulfstream G650 is 2,421 cubic feet. Typical configuration features 16 passenger and 4 crew seats.


Maximum Cruise Speed: 516 kts 956 km/h
Long-range Speed: 488 kts 904 km/h

Airfield Performance

Takeoff distance: 5,858 ft (1,786 m) (SL, ISA, MTOW)
Landing distance: 2,680 ft (817 m) (SL, ISA, MLW)

Operating Altitude

Maximum operating altitude: 51,000 ft (15,545 m)

Noise Level (EPNdB)

Takeoff: 77.5 Approach: 89.8 Lateral: 88.3


A. Maximum ramp weight: 100,000 lb (45,359 kg)
B. Maximum takeoff weight: 99,600 lb (45,178 kg)
C. Maximum landing weight: 83,500 lb (37,875 kg)
D. Maximum zero fuel weight: 60,500 lb (27,442 kg)
E. Standard basic operating weight: 54,000 lb (24,494 kg)


Standard avionics include a PlaneView II cockpit with Gulfstream Enhanced Vision System (EVS), Rockwell Collins Head-up display, ACARS, and Enhanced GPWS with windshear protection.


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