August 23, 2017

Q&A with Dan Kilkeary

Dan Kilkeary, Sales Director – Northeast US, Jetcraft
[email protected]
Location: New Jersey

How long have you been at Jetcraft?

I started with Jetcraft on October 31, 2016. I immediately attended NBAA and was able to meet much of the Jetcraft team.

What are your responsibilities within the global Jetcraft team?

I am a Sales Director and cover the Northeast US – essentially Ohio moving east to Virginia and north to Maine.

Describe a typical day or week in your role.

I start around 5:15am and check any e-mails that may come in from colleagues in Europe or other parts of the Globe. Then I go to the gym at 6am. From there I come home and trade a few other e-mails while I help get my 3 kids organized for the day. Around 8-8:30 I head to my office where I spend most of the day either on the phone or visiting clients in any given area – either looking for new opportunities or supporting existing clients.

What do you love most about your job?

The clients. Airplanes are what we trade but the relationships with my clients and colleagues are what give me satisfaction.

Describe the company culture at Jetcraft and what it means to you?

Entrepreneurial and collaborative. It is also a work-hard, play-hard group of very talented people at every level. It has been impressive to be a part of this great company/brand.

What do you want your customers to experience when dealing with Jetcraft?

Accurate and timely information. I also like them to know the depth of the company and all of the resources available to them to produce the best result for their specific scenario. Jetcraft is truly the description of the iceberg. A client may have the relationship with me, but there is a robust and talented team providing exposure for their aircraft, and data and support to maximize their needed result behind the scenes.

Who or what has been your greatest professional influence?

I have a professional influence almost every day. I really try to listen to lessons learned by others and I always enjoy listening to clients tell their story and try to take away some lesson that will benefit me down the road.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Driven, Professional, Knowledgeable

If you were to buy a business jet, which aircraft would suit your needs and why?

It would be unfair to show a bias in my impartial role. Almost every plane has some area of merit depending on your needs and budget. Ideally, I need 5 seats to fit my family and 4000nm miles of range would be nice. It also needs to have good runway performance because I would spend lots of time in the mountains or remote locations.

What stands out to you as good customer service?

Providing timely and accurate information to clients.

Finally, what is your hidden talent or hobby?

Most of my activities these days revolve around being with my kids outside and keeping them active. So I do lots of coaching, spending time at the beach in the summer and skiing together in the winter. When I’m able, I do like to sneak in a few rounds of golf.