April 5, 2018

Cessna Citation X Overview (1995 – 2012)

Product Overview

The Cessna Citation X, a medium-sized long-range business jet, marked the launch of the all-new 750 series, taking over the well established 650 series. It was considered a completely new aircraft, made from scratch in all major aspects and not an upgraded version of previous Citation Jet aircraft.

As of February 2018, 75% of Citation X aircraft were purchased pre-owned by their current owners, the other 25% new. 10.4% are for sale with more than half of those (69%) under an exclusive broker agreement. When for sale, the average time on the market is 373 days.

Brief History

The Citation X was announced at the NBAA Convention in October 1990 with the first prototype taking flight in December 1993. The first delivery of the Citation X occurred in July 1996 to golfer and devoted Cessna customer, Arnold Palmer. A total of 315 Citation X aircraft have been manufactured with 309 currently in operation worldwide. An updated version called the New Citation X+ was launched in 2010 featuring upgraded engines and advanced avionics systems. Deliveries of the new Citation X+ started in 2013 and there are currently 27 in operation worldwide.

Worldwide Appeal

There are 309 Citation X aircraft in operation today. Most of these are wholly owned (276), with 26 in fractional and 7 in shared ownership. 11% are currently leased. North America has the largest percentage of wholly owned Citation X aircraft (88%), followed by Europe (5%).



Two Rolls-Royce AE3007C engines power the Citation X each offering 6,764 pounds of thrust and using 325 gallons per hour (GPH). The range of the Citation X is 3,111 nm operating under NBAA IFR 4 passengers with available fuel.


The cabin volume for the Citation X is 620 cubic feet. Typical configuration features 8 passenger and 2 crew seats.


Maximum Cruise Speed: 514 kts 952 km/h
Long-range Speed: 470 kts 870 km/h

Airfield Performance

Takeoff distance: 5,140 ft (1,567 m) (SL, ISA, MTOW)
Landing distance: 2,730 ft (832 m) (SL, ISA, MLW)

Operating Altitude

Maximum operating altitude: 51,000 ft (15,545 m)

Noise Level (EPNdB)

Takeoff: 73.2
Flyover: 90.3
Approach: 83.8


A. Maximum ramp weight: 36,400 lb (16,511 kg)
B. Maximum takeoff weight: 36,100 lb (16,375 kg)
C. Maximum landing weight: 31,800 lb (14,424 kg)
D. Maximum zero fuel weight: 24,400 lb (11,068 kg)
E. Standard basic operating weight: 22,100 lb (10,024 kg)


Honeywell Primus 2000


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