October 9, 2018

On the Wing – Wish Magazine

The President of Jetcraft Australia and New Zealand, Mick Doohan, was recently featured in The Australian – Wish Magazine. Doohan spoke about aircraft in Australia, the business case for buying or hiring your own plane, and also how much fun they can be.


Wish Magazine, October 2018
Story by Stephen Corby, portrait bu Vanessa von Zitzewitz

You might think of private jets as the sleek, chic and salaciously expensive playthings of the über-mega-rich, but they’re actually much more than that. According to Mick Doohan – living legend of motorcycle racing, five-time world champion and these days the man you need to talk to in Australia if you want to buy, borrow or sell a personal aircraft – they are also something Dr Who would appreciate.

“It’s a time machine, basically,” Doohan says, chatting by phone from his Monaco home. “Really, what a private aircraft gives you is time: it’s the freedom to fly on your schedule and to save time with things like check-in, and the simple fact that you’re not waiting for the aircraft, the aircraft is waiting for you.

“In certain parts of the world it’s just straight out of the plane, into your car and taxi off the runway and away you go; it’s a five-minute time lag between landing and being on the road, and the same on the way out. Once corporations and high-net-worth individuals experience the freedom it provides, and the increased productivity it enables, they question why they’ve never used the product before. That’s why the growth over the past decade has been quite strong, even in Australia, although everything is under the radar here, you hear nothing of it.”

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