May 12, 2021  ·  Victoria Barrow

The case for business aviation

Video: Jetcraft Asia President David Dixon offers further commentary on the case for business aviation today.

By Victoria Barrow, Vice President Sales, Jetcraft

In the last year we’ve seen roughly double the number of first-time buyers of pre-owned aircraft than in previous years at Jetcraft, which is a tremendously positive indicator for the future growth of our industry. While the Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly played its part in steering these new entrants towards the benefits of business aviation, many of the industry’s more traditional values still ring true. In 2021, corporates and individuals are building their case for private jet travel around the following factors.

A time and productivity tool

One of the greatest gifts provided by aircraft ownership is time. You travel when you want, your journeys are more direct, and your working days are shorter. When flying via an international airport check-in may be up to three hours in advance; with business aviation you can arrive at your private jet terminal the same hour your plane is due to depart and still clear passport and customs checks. On a commercial airliner, you are at the mercy of airline schedules with stopovers to reach your final destination; with your own aircraft you can often fly direct. For one of our customers, they’ve calculated that owning their own aircraft gives them an extra month a year in the office: an extremely valuable return on their investment. Offering increased control, aircraft ownership facilitates business growth which is leading to an interesting new trend we’re currently tracking across the Americas.

A small business case

Traditionally, our client base at Jetcraft has been split equally between Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) and corporate buyers. But this quarter, we’re seeing a rising number of enquiries from small businesses in the Americas. These smaller firms are, for the first time, building a business case to use private aviation and working out how it will support their bottom line. With airlines still facing disruption due to Covid-19, and routes on hold or cut completely, these fact-finding missions regarding the costs of aircraft ownership reflect a realization that full commercial aviation recovery is still a long way off.  Private jet ownership is seen as a custom travel solution, giving long-term stability throughout Covid-19, and it will be exciting to track how this trend progresses.

The health factor

Aircraft air is thoroughly cleaned, as explained in our ‘Guide to Aircraft OEM Cabin Air Quality’, but since the pandemic, the airport process has become an new health consideration for those considering whether to switch to business aviation. Lining up for security with other passengers, queuing to buy a coffee, boarding, these are all extra ‘touchpoints’ to consider before you’ve even sat down in your seat. Those flying privately can mitigate these risks post-Covid-19, and reduce exposure for their family, colleagues and wider circle. In addition, larger, long-range aircraft enable owners to fly intercontinental journeys without the need to stop, another way of reducing contact with others. When you add these factors into the existing business case for private aviation, there’s even more reason to own and operate your own airplane today.

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