February 1, 2013

High-flying Expertise

Jetcraft Corporation is a world-leading aircraft sales and acquisitions specialist backed by 50 years’ experience in aviation and brokerage

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Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club, 2013 Yearbook – A quarter of a century ago, the Jetcraft Corporation brand was introduced into the business aviation industry for the first time. Descended from an organisation with more than 25 years of prior aviation experience, it immediatedly established itself as a premier aircraft brokerage. Today, this multinational company has become a world leader in the field and also provides services such as customised completions, with a business model built entirely around the needs of its customers.

Extensive Knowledge
Still overseen by its founder Charles ‘Bucky’ Oliver, and based at its original headquarters at North Carolina’s Raleigh-Durham airport, Jetcraft Corporation has, to date, conducted more than 1,300 aircraft transactions. These include acquisitions as well as sales of both new and pre-owned models. A dedicated team of inhouse consultants uses its exhaustive market knowledge to advise customers in numerous areas, including finance, customisation and market value reports. The company is hugely experienced in handling all sizes and models of aircraft, including Bombardier, Gulfstream and Cessna. And Jetcraft can even assist with more unusual purchases, such as Airbus jetliners or Sikorsky helicopters.

From a client’s perspective, one of the great benefits of Jetcraft Corporation is the company’s global reach. Its various US offices are bolstered by an international presence in places as far afield as Zurich, Dubai, Hong Kong, South Africa and Moscow. This enables Jetcraft to scour the world for the perfect aircraft or a suitable buyer.

Throughout the last 50 years of trading, Jetcraft has also developed a global alliance of trustworthy and knowledgeable business partners. As well as vendors, this network of strong working relationships comprises financial institutions, legal experts and service organisations, all of whom provide a wealth of ancillary support for Jetcraft’s clients.

One big advantage of these alliances is that clients can deal exclusively with Jetcraft rather than a dozen unrelated companies. In other words, Jetcraft is a one-stop shop when it comes to handling issues on behalf of its clients, whether they are avionics-related or concern matters such as currency exchanges or language barriers.

Consequently, Jetcraft has developed long-term relationships with many clients, as the company’s president, Chad Anderson, points out: ‘It takes time and effort to develop close client relationships, but once trust is established, the benefits to all parties are considerable. We have numerous examples of a single aircraft transaction growing into a mature relationship based on trust.’

Pursuit of Perfection
In 2001, Jetcraft Corporation introduced its own quality assurance scheme, delivering total peace of mind to customers by confirming an aircraft’s pedigree through an extraordinarily stringent series of tests. Planes worthy of the ‘Jetcraft-ed’ label must be in pristine condition, with fully documented histories and
a rigorous maintenance record. Only a select number of aircraft are suitable for inclusion in the Jetcraft-ed scheme. But these chosen planes are ideal for clients who demand the utmost in quality and want to be reassured about every aspect of their new purchase.

The Jetcraft-ed programme is just one example of Jetcraft Corporation’s relentless pursuit of perfection. A further illustration of this philosophy can be seen in the ‘JetCoast’ package. This allows customers to purchase a brand-new plane with modifications to the original specification, which is known as custom-completed. Aircraft such as the Bombardier Challenger and Global XRS can be quickly and diligently upgraded according to a client’s individual requirements. These bespoke additions have included complex vision and display systems, as well as unique interior fit-outs.

Added to its expertise in aircraft brokerage, these highly regarded customisation solutions ensure that Jetcraft Corporation is truly flying high in the field of business aviation, offering its clients exactly the kind of services they desire. www.www.jetcraft.com


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