January 22, 2014

Making a Difference, One Child at a Time

Jetcraft Supports UNICEF’s Humanitarian Project, Helps Protect One Million Children a Year.

Every year, three million babies worldwide die in the first 28 days of life. The majority of neonatal deaths result from complications related to preterm birth and infection. Most of these fatalities are preventable with a vaccine administered to the mothers.

Jetcraft has partnered with L’VOYAGE, Sino Private Aviation (HK) Limited (SPAL), and UNICEF to raise funds to provide immunization services to mothers and children in need in developing countries. With only three protective doses, the mother and her future newborns are able to be protected for five years from Tetanus, which kills one newborn baby every nine minutes. Apart from vaccinating mothers, efforts will also be made to vaccinate infants against life-threatening disease.

This year, Jetcraft’s corporate support of UNICEF’s “28 Days to Save a Child’s Life” campaign will help prevent infectious disease and save the lives of babies and mothers around the world. Jetcraft chose UNICEF due to its reputation as one of the world’s most respected, non-profit charity organizations. Plus, UNICEF’s mission and global reach are in alignment with Jetcraft’s passion and vision for global impact.

Mr. Jahid Fazal-Karim, Co-Owner and Board Member of Jetcraft Corporation, recently announced Jetcraft’s one year commitment to support UNICEF’s “28 Days to Save a Child’s Life” fundraising campaign. “At Jetcraft, we are humbled and moved by the vast needs around us, and touched by the vision, action, and global impact of UNICEF… whether it be child survival and development, protection of human rights, prevention of infectious disease, or policy advocacy… We can think of no better organization to support than UNICEF, which embodies service to humanity on a massive scale… and protects, nurtures, and advances the lives of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable children,” said Mr. Fazal-Karim.

Mr. Leon Lai, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and one of Hong Kong’s most popular singers and actors, met Mr. Fazal-Karim at a recent press event in Hong Kong and lauded Jetcraft’s humanitarian efforts.

“Our mission is to share our financial success and to influence change by generating awareness of this great cause.  For one year, we pledge to donate money to UNICEF for each aircraft sold and expect these donations will protect more than one million lives,” Mr. Fazal-Karim pledged.

”We also will actively solicit support and online donations for UNICEF from our industry peers,” Mr. Fazal-Karim concluded. The joint charity project began in September 2013 and will continue throughout September 2014.

The greatest measure of success is the ability to make a positive impact in people’s lives, both locally and globally.  For over 50 years, Jetcraft Corporation, headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina has experienced a strong spirit of giving. Jetcraft’s combined financial success and growing influence in the aircraft brokerage industry have provided the company with unique opportunities to initiate positive change and create awareness of the needs of those who are less fortunate.

Together with UNICEF, L’VOYAGE and Sino Private Aviation, Jetcraft is making strides in providing current and future generations with a better quality of life, by making a difference … one child at a time.


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