March 21, 2014

JetRange: Jetcraft’s Interactive Range Tool

Whether for leisure or business, every flight has a mission. To match the right jet with that mission, Jetcraft has developed a powerful new tool that helps you easily align a vast selection of aircraft to your specific aviation requirements and needs. It’s called JetRange.

The goal of JetRange is to enable you to determine which jet would make a good fityou’re your mission based on flight plan, airport origin, and intended destination(s). Along with the targeted range map, the tool also displays a long list of specs about featured aircraft to better inform your selection process.

LA to Moscow G450For example, if your mission is Los Angeles to Moscow, you can check the range of flying a Gulfstream G450 from Van Nuys airport to Vnukovo. Common business airports, such as Hong Kong International, Dubai International, and Congonhas in Sao Paulo are included. Dozens of aircraft models are included as well.

A comprehensive tool, JetRange provides comparisons of aircraft from all leading OEMs and includes legacy models. By comparison, most online range tools provide only current models and are limited to one manufacturer.

Check single aircraft and compare models across manufacturers

JetRange provides two levels of “self-service” access for external users. The public level has the ability to select one aircraft type, one origin airport, and one destination, in turn displaying the aircraft’s specs and range on an interactive map. The comparison level requires the user to enter an email address to access detailed comparison data. With this level, you can enter two aircraft types, one origin, and one destination to see range maps and specs side by side to help with your jet selection.

A private level for more robust comparisons is available with the assistance of the Jetcraft sales team. This level includes another layer of comparison and provides access to many more types of aircraft, including older models, and additional airports for more customized reports.

Use JetRange to support your mission

spec and mapUpon selecting the aircraft model of interest, as well as airports, you’ll see the following results:

Range Map: This display shows the range for the model(s) selected, with the origin airport highlighted on the map to assist with flight plan development.

Model Specs: This display provides a summary of general performance characteristics of the model(s) selected, including range, landing field length, weights, passengers, etc. to help you validate your mission and travel plans.

Model Tab Names: A separate tab for each aircraft model will appear. You can use the individual model tabs to display the range of the aircraft with respect to different passenger levels: that is, four passengers for aircraft with ranges less than 5,000 nm and 8 passengers for aircraft with ranges 5,000 nm or greater.

Minimum Range (max payload with available fuel): This information is based on aircraft loaded to maximum zero fuel weight with maximum available fuel up to maximum ramp weight, less NBAA IFR fuel reserves at destination.

Maximum Range (ferry): This information is based on BOW, required crew and full fuel, arriving at destination with NBAA IFR fuel reserves.

Finding the right aircraft for your mission is a big decision, and one that requires as much information as possible. With JetRange, Jetcraft offers users a powerful support tool to explore as many options as you want, and then help you narrow down the search to find the right aircraft to meet your aviation needs. Try it for yourself today,, or contact us for a free customized report at +1 919-941-8400.


– Compare Specs and Range Maps of Aircraft From Different OEM’s Side by Side

– View the Range of Different Aircraft Around the Airport of Your Choice

– Get Custom Range Maps With More Aircraft, Airports, and Features From a Jetcraft Representative


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