May 30, 2014

The Bombardier Global 6000: An Agile Aircraft made for Business

Download the in depth technical comparison here.

You know the feeling—you’ve been working on a deal for months, and if you could just get that international office set up, you know you could win the client over. Problem is, your current flight set-up is less than ideal for consistent long range travel. It’s time to look into long-range options—something like the Global 6000.Global 6000 Exterior JS 2

Ultra-long on performance, range, productivity, precision, and amenities, the Global 6000 helps keep the purpose-built, long-range aircraft category at the top of the business aviation market. It’s an appealing jet inside and out, and the flexibility it offers on many levels makes its capital and operating costs justifiable in today’s truly global business environment.

The Global 6000 is the fourth and latest business jet aircraft model built by Bombardier to compete in the ultra-long range large-cabin market (large cabin business jets that can fly 5,000 nm or greater distance). Tracing its roots back the Global Express XRS, the Global 6000 is followed by the Global 7000 and Global 8000. There are currently 78 Global 6000 aircraft in operation around the world.

Purpose-built for business as an alternative to executive-outfitted Canadair Regional Jets, the Global 6000 is able to fly non-stop over 6,100 nm and features a spacious 2,000 cubic foot cabin to get you there comfortably.

It can be ready to fly within 30 minutes, and has short-field capabilities. So a 12-hour flight can take you almost anywhere, making any enterprise a global one by enabling your local presence wherever you need to be—within a day.

Although the Global 6000’s range is just shy of the Gulfstream G650’s range of 7,000 nm, its capability of pairing cities is in no way diminished. L.A.-Tokyo. London-Mumbai. Just name your destination, and this jet will get you there at roughly equivalent speed (Mach 0.85) of the super-swift G650 comfortably and productively.

A look inside the wide cabinGlobal 6000 Interior JS

Listed as a foot wider than competitors’ cabins, the Global 6000 cabin is noticeably expansive. You can feel this extra space as you walk through the three-compartment cabin, discovering a private stateroom in the back of the plane. Twenty-eight standard windows are designed to let in more natural light, while the soundproofing is so good that you might not notice takeoff.

This advanced soundproofing enables the business-as-usual environment you’d expect from this airborne extension of your executive suite. Fully wired, the networked cabin with Bluetooth integration offers high-speed Internet access and HD displays. But if rest is on the agenda, depending on the configuration you select, the seats can be converted into comfortable day beds.

A pilot’s cockpit

Passenger comfort was paramount in cabin design, but comfort in the cockpit was in no way a design afterthought. Wide pilot seating and a cozy relief spot make long-range flights more than just endurable.

Although the Falcon 7X boasts the first fully digital flight control system, advanced avionics reigns supreme in the Global 6000 as well. Big on intuitive graphical displays, the Global Vision Flight Deck places the pilot in easy command of the deck based on the Rockwell Collins Fusion flight deck.

Four well-positioned displays are customizable, easily resetting to each pilot’s preferred settings. With numerous automated controls, from throttles to brakes, this flight deck delivers everything that makes piloting such a rewarding experience—even while handling such a large aircraft in all conditions. The Rolls Royce BR710A2-20 turbofan engines are at the core of this high-performing yet smooth experience.

The height of business travel

An incredibly long range, paired with short runway capabilities. A spacious, 2,000 cubic foot cabin. Superior avionics. If you’re in the market for a long-range craft, the Global 6000 is definitely a strong contender, and one you should put on your short list. Who knows, it might even help put more clients in range for your business.

In Depth Comparison

Looking for more details on how the Global 6000 compares to the Global 5000, the Gulfstream 550, or the Gulfstream 650?   Click Here to view and download a deeper, more technical comparison of the Global 6000 to other similiar ultra long-range aircraft models. This deeper comparison features charts comparing Payload & Range, Cabin Volume, Engine Details, Fuel Usage, Cost Per Mile, Variable Cost, Productivity, and an overall Comparison Table.



Click Here to view the online range map. To receive a more detailed custom range report including detailed aircraft comparisons, contact us at +1 919 941 8400 or [email protected].

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