May 16, 2014

Jetcraft Avionics Names New Executive Director

May 15, 2014 (Raleigh, NC) – Jetcraft Corporation, a global leader in business aircraft sales, acquisitions and trades, announced the hiring of Stedman Stevens as Executive Director of Jetcraft Avionics. Mr. Stevens’ responsibilities include supporting Jetcraft’s executive management team in a strategic advisory role and taking a hands-on-approach to the business and sales operations of Jetcraft Avionics.

Mr. Stevens’ experience of developing and leading technology companies will be an asset as he works collaboratively with Ken Elliott, who was recently named Technical Director of Jetcraft Avionics. Together, they will lead Jetcraft’s current growth effort in Enhanced Flight Vision Systems (EFVS) and other long-term ventures. The hiring will also allow Mr. Elliott to focus on more technical aspects of Jetcraft Avionics and guiding the company into new areas of project development. Mr. Elliott has been with Jetcraft for over seven years and has been the driving force behind Jetcraft’s state-of-the-art HUD Vision Access EFVS solution for aftermarket aircraft.

“Since joining Jetcraft Avionics, Ken has achieved remarkable success with our Enhanced Flight Vision Systems thanks to his persistence, marketing ability and technical know-how,” said Jetcraft COO Peter Antonenko. “With the addition of Stedman to complement Ken’s efforts, we now have an experienced leadership team in place that will open new doors of opportunity and growth in the avionics industry,” added Mr. Antonenko.

Officially joining Jetcraft in March, Mr. Stevens’ professional experience spans multiple industries, including technology, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and consumer products. He’s held senior leadership positions in the public and private sectors, and has board and investor experience. Mr. Stevens’ background also includes advanced degrees from UNC at Chapel Hill and George Washington University.

“The hiring of Stedman is a sign of Jetcraft’s renewed commitment to our avionics subsidiary,” said Jetcraft founder Bucky Oliver II. “We’re excited to welcome Stedman to the family, as he brings a strategic vision, an expertise in software and marketing, and a proven track record of increasing business revenue and profits. We’re confident that under the leadership of both Stedman and Ken, Jetcraft Avionics will continue to grow and innovate in the years ahead.”

Mr. Stevens is based at Jetcraft’s North Carolina headquarters. Mr. Elliott operates out of the Jetcraft Avionics office in Augusta, Georgia.

About Jetcraft Corporation

Jetcraft Corporation is the leading broker/dealer in international aircraft sales and acquisitions. Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, Jetcraft has sales offices/representation in Minneapolis, St. Louis, Teterboro, Miami, Basel, Zurich, Geneva, Dubai, Moscow, Hong Kong, Montreal, London, Paris, Johannesburg and Barbados. The company’s 50-year-plus track record in aircraft transactions has earned it a world-class customer base and one of the strongest global networks in the industry.

Jetcraft Avionics LLC, a subsidiary of Jetcraft Corporation based in Atlanta, provides distribution of enhanced flight vision systems (EFVS) for aftermarket business aircraft using Elbit-Kollsman’s state-of-the-art EVS-II and AT-HUD. For more information, please visit


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