June 5, 2014

A Winning Combination

Global Presence with Local Knowledge: The Europe Sales Team

In the first of our global sales team overviews, we are proud to present the members of our Europe sales team. Located throughout the region, Jetcraft’s experienced team offers expert advice and direct access to a global inventory and customer base.

It’s true that a global presence is important, but we also know that in order to deliver a great customer experience we need to have exceptional local knowledge. Although we have grown to become the global leader in executive aircraft acquisitions, sales, trades and brokerage, we continue to pride ourselves on having a strong on-the-ground presence in every major continent.

It’s our belief that the best way to service clients on a global scale is by combining our international expertise with the ability to do business in a client’s time zone, understanding their culture, language and way of doing business.

A region of strength

Private aircraft sales and acquisitions in Europe are gaining in strength; both buyers and sellers alike are enjoying some of the best pricing seen in years. At the moment there is a wide selection of pre-owned aircraft across the region, but there is also a healthy amount of new aircraft coming in as well. Once a strong market for light and midsized jets, Europe is now seeing a steady rise in demand for large-cabin jets.

It’s no secret that Europe has traditionally been a two-tier market, with its strength lying in the northern countries, in particular UK, Germany, Switzerland and France. But now the industry is seeing the southern and eastern countries gaining momentum, such as Turkey and Ukraine, making Europe a very interesting region to be involved in right now.

We are confident that by mid 2015, Europe is going to be the hotspot for business aviation worldwide. We are already seeing encouraging signs of growth from the US, which is having a positive impact on activity in Europe.

Our team offers a proven track record of success in the region and is experienced in handling aircraft deals coming into and out of the continent. If you are looking to buy or sell within Europe, our team can ensure that your experience is both enjoyable and successful.

Meet the Team:

Andrew Hoy JSAndrew Hoy, Senior Vice President EMEA

Before arriving at Jetcraft earlier this year, Andrew was managing director at ExecuJet Aircraft Trading. His current role, as Senior Vice President EMEA, enables him to combine his passion for aviation with his exceptional managerial and sales expertise.

Based out of the UK, Andrew oversees Jetcraft’s growing sales force and far-reaching customer base in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. “We have a great team in place across EMEA, offering the very best experience and market knowledge in this industry,” he adds. “We all have quite different, yet extensive experience in business aviation but we are all dedicated to providing the very best service and to continuing Jetcraft’s success as the leading aircraft broker/dealer in the field.”

Aviation has been a lifelong calling for Andrew. Since flying his first aircraft aged just 16, he has continued his pilot training and achieve several type ratings, and he brings that same passion and enthusiasm to Jetcraft.

With nearly two decades of business aviation experience under his belt, Andrew genuinely relates to and understands the needs of his clients. His first-hand pilot experience means that one of Andrew’s core strengths is being able to fully understand and appreciate all aspects of aviation — Andrew has type rating on LearJet 25D, Citation Bravo and LearJet 45 and is currently completing his training for Global XRS rating.

“I am as comfortable turning left at the top of the aircraft steps, as I am turning right; by this I mean that I know, first-hand, what is important to the pilots, who are often the gate-keepers in a deal. I also fully understand the needs of the customers too and have developed many lasting relationships over the years,” he explains. “My own experience in the cockpit, plus my knowledge of safety issues and industry regulations, means that I have the full perspective, and that is invaluable in my job.”

Chris H JSChris Hollingsworth, European Sales Director

Based in Zurich, Chris is Jetcraft’s European Sales Director, having been with the company for over six years. As one of the original members of the European team, Chris has witnessed firsthand Jetcraft’s rapid growth in the region. Prior to arriving in Europe, Chris worked out of Jetcraft’s North Carolina headquarters.

Chris brings over 13 years of industry experience, having worked previously as sales manager for refurbishments and maintenance at Gulfstream.

Since the market is witnessing a strong movement of pre-owned aircraft from out of Europe and over to the US and South America, Chris is a very busy man right now. With an expertise in both the US and European markets, Chris can help navigate clients through the complexities of transatlantic deals.

“When a client is thinking of buying an aircraft that is across the ocean, miles away from where they are, it takes the right broker to make a deal like this happen,” says Chris. “Jetcraft’s approach is unique and focuses on ensuring the best support is given in every deal. It doesn’t matter what their location is, clients will have our global network at their fingertips.”

Find out more about Chris in our profile feature here.

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Pascal pic JSPascal Bachmann, Aircraft Sales

Pascal is based in Geneva and has 17 years of experience in aviation. His knowledge and experience of the wider European region brings great strength to the Jetcraft team.

Pascal’s favorite part of any deal is the very beginning. That’s when he sits down with a client to help them find the perfect aircraft, or as he puts it, “the right tool for the job.” Before coming on board, Pascal was with ExecuJet, where he worked directly with Jetcraft to complete several transactions. Now a part of Jetcraft’s global team, Pascal is able to offer customers a unique perspective, having both worked for and alongside Jetcraft.

Not only does Pascal have a passion for buying and selling planes, but he has a love of fast cars as well. His childhood dream was to become a world champion on the racetrack, but he traded that in for aviation. He still enjoys racing for fun and sees parallels between business aviation and racing. “I look at aircraft sales as a sport. Like in racing, you strive to be with the best team there is. That’s why I love being part of Jetcraft, working with a team that understands what it takes to be the best,” says Pascal.

Pascal is fluent in French, German and English.

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Guillaume JSGuillaume Chamoin, Aircraft Sales

Guillaume, who is based out of our Paris office, is our go-to man for long-range aircraft. His experience gained during the seven years at Bombardier, means that Guillaume’s expertise and passion for long-range and large jets is second to none. “This segment of the market is very interesting and is where the clients are heading; they want range and they want big cabins.” he explains. “Just look at the new launches announced in this segment, such as the Global 7000/8000. We are going to be seeing a lot of activity with these, and similar aircraft.”

Guillaume’s ability to keep calm and stay focused under pressure is another strength he brings to the team, and he’s not afraid to admit that he thrives on a good challenge: “I really enjoy complex deals, such as trade-in with aircraft that almost no other broker is able to provide.”

An ability to handle complex situations is especially important when deals involve and rely on a number of different parties, going far beyond a straightforward transaction. “It’s always exciting to work on large deals involving a number of clients and various suppliers, such as when maintenance or refurbishments are required,” says Guillaume. “Handling a deal like this requires a thorough understanding of what everyone’s expectations are, plus a complete view of the whole process. If I can create a win-win solution for all involved, then I’ve done my job,” he adds.

Complexities aside, like any broker, Guillaume’s favorite part of any transaction is closing the deal. “It’s a truly rewarding feeling to sit down in front of a client, shake their hand and tell them that they are an owner of a beautiful aircraft. It’s why we all do this job, to see the client’s reaction in that moment.”

Guillaume is fluent in both French and English.

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