July 11, 2014

Jetcraft Staff Retreat Highlights

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IMG_1756 JSJuly 17:

This morning we all had breakfast together before our meetings, as we have done the other days. Everyone is moving a bit slower today after the long days of work and fun. We started out with a bit of IT Housekeeping. Next the Marketing Team shared an overview of what they’ve been doing, events, digital, and social. They also shared a blooper video created from some corporate video footage shot at NBAA in 2013.

Following big group meetings were a few round table meetings with certain departments, and some free time. In the evening we had a Farewell Dinner where everyone wore white. Following the dinner was some dancing and conversation. This will be the last time that we are all together until next year.

IMG_1722 JS July 16:

Day 2 of meetings kicked off with a few words from Chad Anderson facilitating a discussion about some of our key accounts.

Following Chad, Chris Brenner talked about the role of the Sales Engineers. This introduction was for the newer employees but was also good to clarify for all employees. How did he describe the role of the Sales Engineers? Their role is day to day sales support. They put together proposals, Market Research, Value Thoughts Analysis, etc. for the sales person to review, consider, and distribute as needed. The Sales Engineer also helps to develop aircraft specs and coordinate photography for new listings. They serve as the general conduit to the marketing team requesting certain marketing actions as needed. This team is growing, allowing us to have a stronger focus on market research.

The staff was also introduced to new IT and data entry procedures and discussed better ways to keep aircraft records up to date with information that everyone needs to easily access. This became a great discussion where a lot of ideas were discussed and concerns were addressed.

In the evening everyone enjoyed a wine tasting from a few different wineries by the pool, a delicious dinner, and then a few awards were distributed. The awards included “Best Under Pressure”, “The Magician”, “Wears The Most Hats”, and many more. If was a fun evening with a lot of laughs.

photo 3 JSJuly 15:

Today was a day of introductions and discussion of procedures. This was so that the newer employees could be brought up to speed, and the older ones could have a refresher. Chad welcomed the newer employees and introduced them to everyone.  The theme of the morning was “Jetcraft Then, Jetcraft Now”. Chad shared stats about the history of Jetcraft that show the company’s fast growth. A few figures that he shared:

– in 2004 Jetcraft had employees in 4 locations and today they are in 22 locations
– in 2004 Jetcraft had 11 employees, today we have around 40 and are constantly adding to that
– in 2004 Jetcraft closed 17 aircraft, we are projecting around quadruple that for 2014

Chad also shared some Market Forecast highlights and covered some housekeeping items related to our global structure.

The Jetcraft COO, Peter Antonenko, covered the roles of each member of the transaction team and discussed procedures for aircraft closings along with Ryan Shannon, Jetcraft Corporate Counsel.

Jetcraft Asia President, David Dixon, and Jetcraft Latin America sales person, Fabrice Roger, each spoke about the activity in their markets.

In conclusion Jahid and Bucky addressed everyone and held a time of Q&A, which was followed by some free time, a cocktail hour, and a fun dinner and social time.

July 14:photo JS

Today everyone worked as usual and spent some time touring the Tuscany region. A few people took a taxi to Florence or Siena to do some sight seeing before the meetings begin.

For dinner everyone gathered for a “Welcome Dinner” with delicious food and some fun. Chad welcomed the Jetcraft family and friends together. We enjoyed a great dinner, and catching up with the rest of the Jetcraft family from around the globe.


IMG_1630 JSJuly 12 & 13:

The 2014 staff retreat numbers: 38 employees will be attending with 12 employee spouses/guests. We will have at least 10 meals all together at the hotel where our meetings are. For lodging, everyone will be spread among 4 hotels for 3 days of meetings. Joining us will be 2 sweet dogs, and 1 really great host.

Most staff arrived today and got settled in to the hotels and relaxed a bit. For dinner we all met at a restaurant to have pizza and watch Germany battle Argentina in the final game of the World Cup. We had a few Germany fans and a few Argentina fans which made for a fun time.

July 11:

lepiazze.convention.13-0041 JSEach year in July the Jetcraft staff from around the world gather in one location for meetings. This gives everyone a chance to collaborate, have some fun, and spend time together face to face. This year those meetings are being held in the Tuscany Region of Italy.

In 2013 at the Staff Meetings there were some presentations covering different market forecasts, each department provided updates, and all staff was notified that the ExecuJet Aircraft Trading group was joining the Jetcraft team. I wonder what this year will hold? We’ll keep you posted.

Most employees fly out tomorrow and head to Italy! Check back here for updates, photos, and some insight into what we’re talking about all week.

Pictured in Header: The location that the Jetcraft staff and guests met for the 2013 staff meetings held in Tuscany. We will be meeting at the same location again in 2014.

Pictured Right: Chad Anderson, David Dixon, and Jahid Fazal-Karim, huddled in the shade of an olive tree, talking business during a break in the 2013 staff meetings.



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