November 6, 2014

Jetcraft in support of NextGen

Written by Ken Elliott, Technical Director – Jetcraft Avionics
[email protected]   +1 706 650 2140

Jetcraft has been playing a key role in support of the RTCA NextGen Advisory Council (Sub Committee). Since 2011 Jetcraft has contributed to various task groups covering business case & performance metrics, including fuel efficiency in the NAS. During 2014 Jetcraft served on the PBN Blue Print for Success Task Group,  specifically leading a small team researching and producing the report section; Outcomes and Metrics for Success section (including App C and E). Download the PDF with Final Recommendations here.

These recommendations are provided to the FAA in support of their NextGen efforts and involve a significant amount of industry engagement. The FAA is consistently guided by and builds upon recommendations from RTCA and other industry partners in a collaborative effort to best serve the traveling public.

Without the unwavering support of Jetcraft Management this involvement would not have been possible and is recognized in the e-mail below sent by the Task Group Leads.

Dear Members of the PBN Blueprint Task Group:

When the PBN Blueprint For Success Task Group was stood up by RTCA, your co-chairs could not have been more grateful for the mix of aviation industry experts that volunteered to contribute to this challenging task which was also constrained by an aggressive timeline.  We collectively represented effectively all facets of expertise which ultimately enabled the success of our team.  Everyone took the time and patience to listen and learn about the PBN components that were not necessarily a part you’ve had a role in. This openness and appreciation of others enabled all of us to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the important contribution each of us was making, and more so, how we affected one another in developing and implementing PBN procedures.

We all recognized how much our broader perspective enabled all of us to better collaborate on accomplishing our common goal, and the importance of sharing this key perspective with all of those who will soon be engaged in developing and implementing PBN procedures. By taking all of the important ingredients, from the airports perspective and operator needs and desires, to the complex oversight and responsibilities of the FAA and controllers; we pulled it together and delivered a realistic and comprehensive blueprint that enables all stakeholders to achieve alignment their efforts around a common goal and objectively measure the benefits they receive through their collaborative effort. Furthermore, we identified a way in which we can leverage and enhance existing tools that will enable the continuous improvement for capturing and applying lessons learned.  The overall PBN Checklist enables future practitioners to effectively engage in the overall process as well.

Thanks to each of you for all you did to ensure our collective success, and  we are also most grateful for the support of your employers who enabled your vital participation. We’d also like to express our great appreciation that we all received from our FAA SME’s and the staff of RTCA.  Together we delivered our finished product to the NAC on October 8th which universally approved our work and asked that we pass on to one and all their gratitude for a job well done.

We look forward to the FAA’s response to the work of the Task Group.


Brian and Jim