June 24, 2015

Q&A with Joni Leetun

JoniLeetun JS

Joni Leetun, Marketing Intern, Jetcraft
Location: Raleigh, NC USA

What are your responsibilities within the global Jetcraft team?

I am the summer marketing intern at the Jetcraft headquarters in Raleigh, NC. As an intern at Jetcraft, I hope to learn from marketing professionals while providing support to the Marketing team in whatever ways I can. I have had the opportunity to work on some really interesting and challenging projects so far which has been great!

Describe a typical day or week in your role.

Each day always brings something different, so there isn’t really a “typical day” – which I love because I’m constantly learning. Most of my tasks include assisting the Marketing team on various rebranding projects. For instance, I’m currently working on reformatting our Ebrochures with our new branding guidelines and making sure that all of the sites where we post our listings are up to date and accurate. After work I usually work on assignments for a Business Law class I am taking over the summer and, if it’s not too hot outside, I’ll go on a run through the UNC campus (I’m living in Chapel Hill this summer).

Why Jetcraft?

I knew I wanted to intern with a company that was not only global but one that operated as small business and welcomed change. Jetcraft definitely stood out from any other internship opportunities I was pursuing at the time. I was impressed with Jetcraft’s long history of innovation in aircraft sales and knew I could learn a lot from a company with over 50 years of experience. Before starting my internship, I had the opportunity to fly privately which initially sparked my interest in the business marketing side of private aviation.

What has been your biggest challenge in this internship so far?

Getting used to all the abbreviations! It’s like learning a new language at times. Also, I had little knowledge regarding the technical side of aircraft entering into the internship. Although it has been challenging, I have found it interesting learning about all the aspects of this industry.

What do you hope to take away from this internship?

I would like to grow my network with as many individuals as possible. I enjoy learning about different roles and understanding an organization top to bottom. My view on an internship is to learn about the various career paths that I could potentially embrace.

Where are you in school and what are you studying?

I am studying Marketing with a minor in Global Studies at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, just 20 miles outside of Washington, D.C. I decided to combine studies of Marketing and Global Studies because of my interest in international business and the rapid globalization of today’s market.

Have you had any other internships or volunteer opportunities in the past?

Yes, I interned for a branch of Feeding America, a nationwide non-profit organization that leads America in the fight against hunger, conducting data analysis and research regarding their donation process system. During my first two years of college, I was actively involved in several volunteer small business development projects in the United States and Haiti through a global student organization called Enactus. Although these experiences were challenging at times, they had a huge impact on my leadership skills and ability to adapt to a variety of situations.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

After I graduate I hope to find a position at a company where I can grow professionally but also be constantly challenged. I would ultimately like to work for a global organization where I can build a dynamic career in Marketing and Sales. I hope to work somewhere where I will have the opportunity to work on interesting projects while also working with innovative professionals I can learn from. Ultimately, I would like a position that would allow me to travel or work in another area of the world.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Innovative, honest, adaptive

Joni Peru JSFinally, what is your hidden talent or hobby?

It’s much more than a hobby, but I love seeing the world and travelling. I believe there is so much we can learn from experiencing different cultures and ways of life. I like to travel with a purpose. My second year of college, I lived in Peru (pictured) where I studied at an institute while teaching English and Art at a rural elementary school. I have done similar exchange and volunteer programs in the United States, Europe and Central America.