November 30, 2015  ·  Chad Anderson

Achieve a New Year’s Resolution Early: Upgrade Your Aircraft via a Trade-in

Written by Chad Anderson, Jetcraft President
[email protected]

With many buyers and sellers keen to complete their transactions before the new year, now is an opportune time for business jet owners to upgrade, and trading in a current aircraft can move an owner quickly into a model better suited to their mission(s).

An aircraft trade can be advantageous for many reasons, one of which is that it can free up capital so the owner can move more quickly toward acquiring a model more suitable for their changing needs. In such a case, an owner’s best course of action may be to partner with an expert consultant that can seamlessly facilitate the entire trade-in transaction, and move them into an upgraded aircraft quickly and efficiently.

There are a number of benefits to working with a team of experts when trading in an aircraft. Most important of these are the removal of transactional burdens from the client’s shoulders, through the handling of all the specifics that go into purchasing, operating and maintaining an aircraft. From negotiation to contract signing, such aviation experts pay close attention to all the details and navigate the process involved in trading in and upgrading an aircraft, protecting the client’s interests all the way through the transaction. In all, the process of upgrading via a trade becomes:

  • More thorough—understanding and taking into account all the client elements desired are paramount for owners to end up with the one aircraft that fits their specialized needs. It’s necessary to define usage factors such as geography and distance of the flights the owner will take; quality of the flight experience such as broadband connectivity for work or state-of-the-art entertainment systems for pleasure trips.
  • More targeted—an aviation consultancy like Jetcraft has access to a wide network of aircraft all over the world. This enables us to present the ideal aircraft our clients need and deliver it in a timely manner, within budget, as opposed to presenting them an array of “good enough” compromises.
  • More equitable—in many cases, an owner will be able to offer an aircraft for trade-in, in order to more economically offset the upgraded aircraft. The sale of a new aircraft and the trade-in during a transaction occur at fair market value. This helps further facilitate the transaction and results in a more equitable deal.
  • More efficient—owners who are in the position of having to sell an existing aircraft before they are able to buy a new aircraft may miss out on their ‘ideal’ purchase.. In other cases, a transaction can get drawn out if it is not a dealer-owned aircraft because more parties are involved.  A turnkey aviation ownership consultancy like Jetcraft will simplify the process because middlemen are removed from the transaction.

Overall, executing a trade-in with an experienced aviation ownership partner, like Jetcraft, helps the client determine their needs, helps them get the new aircraft at a fair price, and makes the process faster – in some instances getting the deal done within 30 days.

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Featured Year-End Inventory

Our featured aircraft currently available for trade-in transactions by year’s end include those shown below, or contact us to learn about other trade-in opportunities at +1 919 941 8400 or [email protected].

2015 Bombardier Global 5000 S/N 9679

2015 Bombardier Global 6000 S/N 9675

2015 Bombardier Global 6000 S/N 9678

2010 Bombardier Learjet 45XR S/N 381

Minneapolis, MN, US


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