August 25, 2016

Why Aircraft Buyers Need Tech-Savvy Brokers

With prices at historic lows, inventories high, and retrofit options able to transform old airframes into like-new airplanes, will there ever be a better time to buy a preowned aircraft? Possibly, should the long slide in preowned prices that began in 2008 continue. Still, great opportunities for buyers await right now. Just be sure you enlist the help of a broker who possesses the technology that has become so crucial to these deals.

“Top-tier brokers have a lot of technology behind them to manage the sales process for their clients,” says aviation attorney Paul Lange, a party to many business jet transactions. “That’s really a big difference between the larger brokers and the mom-and-pops.”

Click here to read the rest of the article on This article was written by BJT contributor James Wynbrandt for BJT. The full article includes some good points about things to consider when choosing a broker, and five transaction steps where a broker’s technological savvy can prove invaluable.