February 13, 2018

Global 5000 Overview (2004 to Present)

Product Overview

The Global 5000 is an ultra-long range, wide-body business jet with the advantage of having short takeoff and landing performance. The cabin is divided into three zones with optional rear stateroom, and features a large galley, forward and aft lavatories, and a generously sized baggage compartment. Overall it offers comfort, flexibility, and innovation.

As of September 2017, 70% of the Global 5000 aircraft were purchased new by their current owners, the other 30% pre-owned. 8.3% are for sale with the majority of those (89%) under an exclusive broker agreement. When for sale, the average time on the market is 489 days.

Brief History

The Global 5000 is a slightly smaller and faster derivative of the Global Express, which was the second ultra long-range large-cabin business jet produced and started delivering to customers in 1997. The Global 5000 made its maiden flight in March 2003 with FAA and JAA type certification awarded in October 2004. In 2008 Bombardier announced an increased certified gross weight, which permitted increased fuel load and an increased projected maximum range. A total of 221 Global 5000 aircraft have been manufactured with 218 in operation worldwide.

Worldwide Appeal

There are 218 Global 5000 aircraft in operation today. Most of these are wholly owned (204) with 1 in shared and 13 in fractional ownership. 13% are currently leased. North America has the largest percentage of Global 5000 aircraft (43%), followed by Europe (29%), and Asia (25%).



Two Rolls-Royce BR710-A2-20 engines power the Global 5000 each offering 14,750 pounds of thrust and using 558 gallons per hour (GPH). The range of the Global 5000 is 5,475 nm operating under NBAA IFR 4 passengers with available fuel.


The cabin volume for the Global 5000 is 1,889 cubic feet. Typical configuration features 13 passenger seats with 3 crew including fully berthable seats and an aft lounge/bedroom. The aircraft has a full galley and two lavatories.


Maximum Cruise Speed: 513 kts 950 km/h
Long-range Speed: 471 kts 872 km/h

Airfield Performance

Takeoff distance: 5,430 ft (1,655 m) (SL, ISA, MTOW)
Landing distance: 2,670 ft (814 m) (SL, ISA, MLW)

Operating Altitude

Maximum operating altitude: 51,000 ft (15,545 m)

Noise Level (EPNdB)

Takeoff: 81.3
Flyover: 89.7
Approach: 88.9


A. Maximum ramp weight: 92,750 lb (42,071 kg)
B. Maximum takeoff weight: 92,500 lb (41,957 kg)
C. Maximum landing weight: 78,600 lb (35,652 kg)
D. Maximum zero fuel weight: 56,000 lb (25,401 kg)
E. Standard basic operating weight: 50,840 lb (23,061 kg)


Honeywell Primus 2000XP avionics suite and the Central Aircraft Information Maintenance System


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