August 31, 2018

A Global Enterprise with Local Expertise in Africa

Business aviation in Africa is a diverse and evolving market, and this year’s Africa Aerospace & Defence (AAD) exhibition is the ideal place to demonstrate its potential.

Nobody understands this better than Danie Joubert, Africa’s Vice President of Sales for Jetcraft. After two decades spent traveling the continent, Joubert’s market expertise is unsurpassed. Joubert embodies the local feel in a global network that makes up the company’s philosophy.

“Just one year since setting up a dedicated resource in South Africa, Jetcraft has brought global connectivity to the continent,” he says. “One example is how African aircraft sellers now have options on their doorstep, rather than needing to contact US or European brokers.”

Jetcraft’s sale options include trades, or even taking an aircraft into its own inventory – a unique offering, available thanks to the company’s financial strength. Alternatively, if a seller lists exclusively with Jetcraft, their aircraft will reach local markets across the globe.

Joubert notes: “Jetcraft handles the entire process. In Africa, we listen closely to a client’s needs and offer advice based on our experiences, building trusted relationships. This is especially important when it comes to head of state solutions.”

Governments are a significant part of Africa’s business aviation market; a natural development, given this group has many of the same needs as corporate buyers. According to Joubert, commercial travel isn’t structured to allow for the efficient travel CEOs and heads of state require. “For instance, last week I flew commercially from South Africa to a West African country, and the entire journey took over twenty hours, with three stop-overs, whereas a direct flight would have taken seven to eight hours!”

For Joubert’s clients, “Owning a jet buys you time. That’s why it’s an essential investment for those whose day-to-day responsibilities span the continent. Jetcraft specialises in innovative approaches to head of state solutions, and – as with any sale – the buyer’s needs are central to structuring the deal.”

This is just one element of Jetcraft’s business that will be on show at AAD. “For us, AAD is about engaging with our clients,” says Joubert. “Jets are valuable assets, and whether you’re looking for a new or preowned aircraft, a very light or an ultra-long-range jet, Jetcraft can help.”

Visit Danie Joubert at Jetcraft booth # 3CW5 during the AAD exhibition, 19-23 September at Waterkloof Airforce Base in Tshwane. Email [email protected] to schedule an appointment with Danie, to find out what your aircraft is worth or to discuss your aircraft needs. For more information about Jetcraft visit


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