November 1, 2018

Five Vital Questions About Private Jets Answered

Jetcraft’s owner, Jahid Fazal-Karim, recently answered 5 questions from Forbes about Jetcraft and what advice he has for a prospective jet buyer., November 2018
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With more than 20 offices worldwide and 55 years of experience Jetcraft is one of the true leaders in private aviation. With new jet share companies disrupting the market – creating an Uber-like marketplace in the elite world of private travel, Jetcraft continues to offer its experience and expertise to that top percent looking to purchase a private plane. Having accrued unparalleled industry expertise and understanding of the varied global markets in which they operate, has made Jetcraft a leader in aircraft sales, acquisitions and trades. We spoke with the company’s current owner Jahid Fazal-Karim to understand the nuances behind what he does and how he’s built such a successful company.

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