September 13, 2019

Q&A with Colin Dunne

Colin Dunne, Sales Manager, Jetcraft
Location: London

How long have you been at Jetcraft?

I started with Jetcraft on April Fool’s day 2019.

What are your responsibilities within the global Jetcraft team?

I work closely with two Sales Directors, one in the London office who is responsible for Northern Europe and one in Dubai who looks after the Middle East. I help them plan and execute business development strategies within their regions and also support them on any deals that they are currently working on.

Describe a typical day or week in your role.

I’m lucky that I can either cycle or get the tube to work. The cycle takes me through Hyde Park and if I get the Tube I can walk the last bit through Green Park. Either way I get a fix of open green space before I head to the office. Emails are always checked and if there is anything urgent I‘ll get to that. If it’s not holding up a deal, I prefer to focus on the proactive business development tasks. It’s a balancing act. I could be valuing an aircraft one minute to setting up meetings in another country the next, then out reviewing a prospective aircraft that has just surfaced that week.

What do you love most about your job?

I really enjoy the variety of work. Every day is a different day – a variety of aircraft, new deals and people.

Describe the company culture at Jetcraft and what it means to you?

It is definitely an open and honest culture. Everyone is there to help each other and we’re all aiming at the same goal post.

What do you want your customers to experience when dealing with Jetcraft?

It’s really important for anyone acquiring an aircraft that they have someone that they can trust. We want the principal to know that they can trust us and that they’re getting a fair deal on the first deal, from there we hope to work with them for the rest of their business aviation lives.

Who or what has been your greatest professional influence?

I know it’s a bit cliché but I have to say my dad has been a big influence; he’s always been really outgoing, content, and friendly. He can always tell a great story and is quite engaging. I like to feel like that’s rubbed off on me a bit and I can bring that energy to the Jetcraft sales team.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Friendly, optimistic, honest.

If you were to buy a business jet, which aircraft would suit your needs and why?

My best buddy lives in Chicago so I would want to be able to get there easily from London. One of the newer model Falcon 900’s would complete the mission.

What stands out to you as good customer service?

Being a part of the Jetcraft London team, our office is in a really nice area in Mayfair which has put me in a place to go into some stores I wouldn’t normally go to. One day I popped in to a store to get a new tuxedo and next thing I know Sir Paul Smith (British Fashion Designer) was pinning up my new tuxedo – he made time for me and it was clear how important the customers were to him. I want people working with Jetcraft to feel the same way, to know that they have our full attention and that our team will make their transaction and happiness a priority.

Finally, what is your hidden talent or hobby?

I suppose every Irishman has a hidden talent, there’s always a song that comes out when we’re out with friends.


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