November 12, 2021

Premiering this December: Jetcraft’s 5-Year Pre-Owned Market Forecast

This December,  Jetcraft will premier its annual Market Forecast, delivering a unique look at the pre-owned business jet market and the positive outlook for the industry through 2025.

With a new technique to fuel our data-driven approach, Jetcraft’s 2021 forecast will share predictions on total transaction volume and value, accompanied by detailed insight into changing market dynamics.

The report is set to answer key questions, including:

  • How does business aviation capitalize on its post-pandemic boom?
  • Will the industry maintain strong momentum into 2022 and beyond?

As the global leader in business aircraft sales, acquisitions and trades, Jetcraft evaluates past transactional data and customer insights to provide its annual analysis on the pre-owned market. The report offers a unique assessment of buyer behavior to determine business jet transaction value and volume during the next five years.

Jetcraft’s latest forecast introduces a new methodology, fueling our data-driven approach and recognizing the potential of untapped market opportunities.

For the first time, Jetcraft is premiering its annual Market Forecast on YouTube as President Chad Anderson launches the report’s key findings to inform your buying and selling decisions.

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