March 24, 2022  ·  Peter Antonenko

Lessons in Strategic Growth

This year marks Jetcraft’s 60th anniversary, a significant milestone that we’re extremely proud to have achieved. A huge part of Jetcraft’s success to date has been our grit and determination. The journey to 2022 has not been a straightforward one, but we have emerged from the pandemic stronger than ever before and marked a record-breaking year for pre-owned aircraft transactions across the industry.

As we reflect on our 60-years’ experience, there are several ways in which we believe a business can build strategically and develop a global presence:

Firstly, ensuring you select the right people is critical, you need to have confidence in your team and trust their abilities. Success in this industry isn’t just about having excellent salespeople but having outstanding individuals who support the organization as a whole. At Jetcraft, our experienced financial, legal, branding and marketing teams are vital to guaranteeing seamless transactions for the benefit of our clients.

Secondly, building long term resilience involves growing your organization responsibly. As you expand and develop your team and transaction size, reassess your position to ensure growth is occurring in a responsible way and aligning with your long-term objectives.

Lastly, a successful global structure requires the right cultural fit and a regional understanding of your employees and clients. At Jetcraft, we ensure everyone in our team has a solid grasp of how the business works, as well as using products such as StrengthsFinder, to highlight the key qualities of our people, leveraging this in order to provide additional training. Having people on the ground who have knowledge of local cultures, customs and regulations enable us to find the right solution for our clients.

By carefully building our global company and creating a strong foundation, we have been well positioned to support our clients through the universal storm of the pandemic, and onwards through today’s boom in private aviation.

To find out more about how we can assist you, please contact your nearest Jetcraft sales representative to discuss your options.

Minneapolis, MN, US


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