January 26, 2023

Q&A with Lauren Kinelski

Lauren Kinelski, Vice President Marketing, Jetcraft
Location: London, UK

How long have you been at Jetcraft? 

This is my 7th year with Jetcraft.  I started my tenure in Raleigh NC, where the company was founded, then relocated to London in 2018 following the opening of our new UK-based global headquarters.  It has been tremendous to see the growth and accessibility of the business aviation industry over these past 7 years.         

What are your responsibilities within the global Jetcraft team? 

“At Jetcraft, no one gets eyes on your jet like we do.”  And I lead an extremely talented marketing team who ensure this phrase continues to remain true.        

Describe a typical day or week in your role. 

  • Executing bespoke promotions for our sellers’ aircraft listings  
  • Creating serious attention for our qualified buyers’ acquisition needs  
  • Building the iconic Jetcraft brand  

 What do you love most about your job? 

I love collaborating daily with 70+ colleagues and our network of industry partners, spread out all over the globe, all from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds.  Even after working for several large, global companies, I’ve never been in close communication with so many different time zones on a daily basis … I’ve also never used google translate so much!  

Describe the company culture at Jetcraft and what it means to you? 

Jetcraft offers an unparalleled support network that rewards entrepreneurship, creativity and risk-taking.  The Jetcraft team are unstoppable, because the Jetcraft culture encourages us to challenge the status quo, never take no for an answer, and create solutions to whatever we encounter.   

What do you want your customers to experience when dealing with Jetcraft? 

At Jetcraft, we want our clients to experience confidence and peace of mind.  Whether the smallest or largest aircraft, the simplest or most intricate of transactions, our expert team have it sorted. Period.  Our clients are busy people who often don’t have time to stay on top of the details, even for decisions related to such a high value and personal asset.  They can rely on us to take care of business, negotiate hard on their behalf, and facilitate a transaction with their absolute best interest in mind.          

Who or what has been your greatest professional influence? 

The obvious answer is my late father, who was an accomplished journalist and classically trained, award-winning CPG marketing executive, and certainly influenced my career choice.  On top of this, joining a university sorority and serving in a leadership role inspired my ambition.  American Fraternities and Sororities are portrayed negatively in pop culture, but the leadership experience I gained at such a young age (not to mention the life-long friendships and philanthropic connection) has primed me with the tools to handle many business challenges throughout my life.     

Describe yourself in 3 words. 

Creator. Storyteller. Passionate.   


Never standing still. 

If you were to buy a business jet, which aircraft would suit your needs and why? 

I’d like an aircraft that can get me between Europe and the (South) East Coast of the US without refuelling, with the ability to accommodate 10+ passengers (i.e. my close friends and family) on board.  Keeping in mind these criteria, I like the fuel efficiency of the Falcon 7X, but I’m also tempted by the sleek look and feel of the Gulfstream G500.    

What stands out to you as good customer service? 

It may seem antiquated today, but I will never underestimate the power of a well-written thank you note.       

What is your hidden talent?

I am a self-proclaimed cocktail ice connoisseur.


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