May 9, 2023

Tackling the most complex aircraft transactions

The nature of our industry means no two aircraft transactions are the same. There are not only different regulatory bodies and regional considerations, but customers have varying internal capabilities and requirements that need to be accounted for. 

Transactions become yet more complex when sourcing both the aircraft and its parts to provide a complete solution for a client.  

Take a recent deal Jetcraft Commercial completed with an undisclosed major international airline. We bought 25 Bombardier CRJ200s and helped turn aircraft grounded by the pandemic – which required new engines – into valuable assets. This was possible thanks to the power of our network, which allowed us to source engines and offer potential buyers an aircraft that was ready to fly.  

Completing complex transactions such as these – when multiple parts of an aircraft are involved in the trade – requires the right approach.  

Building an expert team  

Every aircraft transaction benefits from extensive expertise, which becomes imperative as deals become more complicated.  

It’s here that our global boots-on-the-ground experience offers a crucial competitive advantage. We evaluate assets and present information that enables clients to make informed decisions. 

Sourcing diverse talent from across the globe also means we precisely match the skills of our team to the exact requirements of the transaction. More complex trades might involve larger teams offering a wider range of skills, with some deals requiring more technical or financial expertise – or both.  

The most effective teams are diverse both geographically and in terms of background, offering experience spanning fleet acquisitions, MRO, financial modeling, asset management and sales.  

“Alongside the broad experience of our teams, the fact that we’re not tied to a particular OEM is an important part of our varied expertise. Because we have experience across every brand and aircraft, as well as relationships throughout the aviation industry, we’re in a strong position when it comes to managing complex transactions that involve multiple stages, whichever parties are involved,” says Jim Sorokan, VP Sales, Jetcraft Commercial. 

Financial strength  

Complex transactions also require financial strength. It takes unique financing solutions and deep credit lines to complete exchanges involving multiple high-value assets and several parties, both of which we are equipped with. 

We can offer generous trade-in terms, so we’re well positioned to combine an aircraft sale and purchase into one trade-in transaction, which avoids a costly crossover period and is something few of our competitors can do.  

“Our financial strength is a fundamental aspect of our ability to manage the largest and most complex transactions – and the reason we were able to commit to multiple deals involving buying more than 10 aircraft, prior to closing the deal for 25 aircraft,” adds Raphael Haddad, President, Jetcraft Commercial.  

While these deals were entirely unique, they each succeeded through extensive expertise – provided by an international and highly skilled team. We are hitting 2023 with deals in the pipeline and the strength to acquire and trade aircraft that meet the needs of our customers.   

To understand how Jetcraft Commercial can help airlines seize opportunities and manage complex transactions, visit: 


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