May 4, 2023  ·  Mick Doohan

The Jetcraft Approach: Unlocking Opportunities Across Australia

When it comes to seizing opportunities within the global growth of business aviation, Jetcraft‘s perspective is truly international. This includes responding to the significant activity throughout Australia and the wider Asia-Pacific region.

In the last Five years, Jetcraft alone has added close to 15% to Australia’s market in terms of aircraft sold to new business aviation users, with corporate buyers in particular contributing significantly to this figure. The considerable distance between Australia and other major cities is also prompting buyers to invest in the flexibility offered by private travel, which is driving the growth of the market.

Mick Doohan, President, Jetcraft Australia and New Zealand, says: “Activity is off the charts across our region and there’s every reason to expect our market will continue to grow at around the pace we’ve seen over the last 10 years. Jetcraft – with our unrivaled expertise and impartial view of the entire market – can support clients in realizing the APAC opportunity like nobody else.”

The strength of the market is also driven by high-value transactions, with the Asia-Pacific region representing the highest-value average purchase price globally at $30.9 million, as indicated by our 2022 5 Year Pre-Owned Business Jet Forecast.

This high average purchase price is the result of customers requiring more expensive long-range aircraft to travel to locations such as London and New York, or to reach the likes of Sydney and Melbourne from Singapore. Meanwhile, for clients whose priority is travelling within Australia, we’re seeing continued demand for smaller aircraft such as King Air or PC-12 turboprops.

Harnessing our expertise, we’re able to support buyers and sellers in finding an aircraft tailored to these diverse requirements. Thanks to our global boots on the ground approach, leading data insight and 60 years of aviation experience, we’re on hand to source the jet you’re looking for and sell aircraft at the speed of life.


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