August 11, 2023  ·  Chad Anderson

The return of the corporate buyer – how data demonstrates the value of face-to-face business

The importance of face-to-face meetings and the role of aviation as an engine of business growth was underlined by Ever Forward, 2023’s Pre-Owned Business Jet Market Forecast.

Our industry-leading market intelligence shows transaction values hit a record US$16.3B in 2022 – in part due to the resurgence of corporate aviation – with the corporate buyer roaring back to life following a dip during the pandemic. The share of our buyers from the corporate sector reached 60% in the last year, demonstrating the value businesses place on jet ownership to facilitate in-person meetings.

Nothing beats meeting face-to-face when it comes to finalizing major deals, with video conferencing only ever a temporary substitute. Whether it’s a company acquisition or a new product launch, face-to-face interactions offer the ability to read body language and build relationships, which create the foundations for success. Equally, the return of industry events, such as EBACE and NBAA, underlines the value of human connection, with surveys also revealing a strong preference for in-person events over virtual.

More favorable economic conditions for businesses

While corporations have once again become more active in business aviation, the current economic conditions are another reason they might be more likely to invest in aircraft ownership than individuals.

This is because, at a time of high inflation, cash-rich businesses can purchase aircraft outright, as opposed to taking out financing agreements that might involve higher-than-usual repayments. This has resulted in a buildup of manufacturer backlogs as corporates invest in pre-owned and new aircraft.

For individual buyers, it’s even more important right now to benefit from Jetcraft’s uniquely comprehensive market oversight in order to find value. Equally, our financial strength, with credit lines in excess of $150m, mean we can handle the most complex of transactions.

When it comes to realizing opportunities and finalizing deals, the value of meeting face-to-face is also important at Jetcraft. It’s why we have 80+ aviation experts across the globe and are never more than three hours away from a potential buyer or seller. We’re always on-hand to meet with clients and advise on the right aircraft for them. To find out more, connect with our team:

Minneapolis, MN, US


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