October 4, 2023

Getting to know the Fastest Sales Team in the World: Jack Doohan

The next member of our Fastest Sales Team in the World is Jack Doohan. While Jack isn’t an official member of the Jetcraft sales team, he’s a Formula 2 driver for Virtuosi Racing and reserve driver for BWT Alpine Formula 1, and most importantly, a partner and friend of Jetcraft.

Can you introduce yourself, and your relationship with Jetcraft?

My name is Jack Doohan and I’m a Formula 2 driver for Virtuosi Racing, which is part of the Alpine Academy.  I’m also a reserve driver for the BWT Alpine Formula 1 team. I’m fortunate to have a personal partnership with Jetcraft. I appreciate their support, and I’m excited about our future together.

How long have you been racing for?

I come from a motorsport family and my dad, Mick Doohan (five-time MotoGP World Champion), certainly influenced my path, but racing has always been something I wanted to do. We have a kart track at our home in Australia, so I’ve been driving since I was three or four years old and racing since I was eight. For as long as I can remember, my world has revolved around both two and four wheels, so competing felt like a natural choice for me. Luckily, I took the safer route.

Did you always see yourself entering the racing world?

My life has always been about racing, I never really considered any other path, and I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t thinking about becoming a racing driver. That remains the case, even today. While I do have plans outside of racing in my distant future, my certainty in wanting to take this route and be the best that I can be has never wavered.

What challenges have you overcome which will help in future races?

Throughout my racing journey I’ve faced some mental challenges. I’ve had to learn to overcome these to put myself in the very best shape, mentally and physically, and to make sure I’m not underperforming in any areas. Motorsport is all about mechanics. Things can go wrong and are often beyond your control. I try my hardest to stay firm, embrace the challenges and become a better driver and person.

What personality traits make for a successful competitive driver?

To be a successful driver, you have to focus on refining all aspects of yourself and your team. Even the seemingly minor details are important; it’s all about fine tuning those little 1% items that might not seem like they matter on their own to make sure you’re on top of it all. A lot of people out there are highly gifted and talented, but it ultimately comes down to these small, seemingly insignificant elements which do make the difference.

What are your future racing goals?

My aspiration is to be a full-time Formula 1 driver and follow my dream of becoming a world champion. I’m also dedicated to growing as a person so I can be the very best driver on and off the track.


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