January 10, 2024  ·  Peter Antonenko

The digital drive: Empowering buyers by harnessing the future

Jetcraft became the first business aviation company to establish a permanent presence in the Metaverse when we built our Decentraland lounge in 2022. We unveiled our virtual hangar in 2023, providing a 24/7 immersive aircraft viewing experience that can be accessed via our website, lounge and Oculus headset.

Additionally, at the General Aviation Terminal in Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, business aviation users can now effortlessly enter our virtual space through an interactive Jetcraft display – which begins with the clouds parting to reveal our virtual hangar through the use of motion sensor technology.

Bringing the Metaverse and VR technology into our operations isn’t simply innovation for the sake of it. While it’s still early days, and how and when the internet will evolve is yet to be determined, we know that it’s crucial we join up our full Beyond the Globe experience to learn how to meet the requirements of business aviation’s changing customer base.

An evolving audience

Business aviation users are getting younger – with Jetcraft data showing the number of buyers under 45 has risen by 20% in the last five years. Our industry needs to adapt to meet the needs of these younger aircraft owners, accommodating their busy lives, while also providing the technology-driven experience they prefer.

Luxury retailers are leading the way in this area. Several fashion houses have embraced Artificial Intelligence (AI) with brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Dior and Estee Lauder implementing AI chatbots to provide personalized fashion advice and respond to questions on social media in real time.

The Metaverse is also playing an important role in delivering a superior retail offer, with Prada creating its own virtual reality experience and Gucci having sold virtual handbags on Roblox. By 2026 25% of consumers worldwide are predicted to embrace the Metaverse, motivating brands to use the platform in forging connections and brand loyalty, especially in the high-net-worth segment.

The business case

Ultimately, if our sector is to truly continue to meet customer requirements tomorrow, it must evidence its role as a technology trailblazer today. That means implementing digital solutions to make the buying process smoother than ever, breaking down barriers and maximizing convenience.

At Jetcraft, we’re harnessing the latest, innovative technology to provide market-leading resources to inform aircraft buying and selling decisions. With over 80 in-house experts in more than 25 locations, expanding into the metaverse is part of our continued drive to go further, move beyond physical barriers and meet our clients where they are.

To go Beyond the Globe with Jetcraft and explore our virtual hangar visit: www.jetcraft.com/metaverse/

Minneapolis, MN, US


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