February 26, 2024

Bombardier Global 7500 Overview (2018 – Present)

Product Overview

The Global 7500 is the largest and longest-range business jet on the market. The length of the aircraft is 33.8 m, overall height is 8.2 m and wingspan is 31.7 m. The aircraft includes a new high-speed transonic wing, which significantly optimizes its aerodynamic efficiency. The Global 7500 features an onboard maintenance system (OMS), datalink, high-speed SATCOM, next generation cabin management system (CMS) and controller pilot data link communication (CPDLC).

As of February 2024, all global 7500 aircraft have been purchased new. 2.7% of those are currently for sale with the minority under an exclusive broker agreement. For those on the market, the average sale time is 170 days.

Brief History

The Global 7500 successfully completed its first flight in November 2016, marking a significant milestone in its development. Originally named the Global 7000, the model was renamed the Global 7500 after its extended range, 7.700 nautical miles, was announced in 2018. Type certification with Transport Canada was completed in September 2018, the FAA in November 2018, and the European Aviation Safety Agency signed off on the new model in early February 2019. The Global 7500 had 100 secured orders as it entered service on 20 December 2018.

Worldwide appeal

There are 186 Global 7500 business jets in operation today. The majority of those are wholly owned with nine (5.49%) in fractional ownership. None of these are currently leased. North America has the largest percentage of wholly owned Global 7500 aircraft (76) followed by West Europe (50), and Asia (12). VistaJet presently owns the biggest fleet (18) of Global 7500 jets.



The Global 7500 is an ultra-long-range business jet developed by Bombardier. Two GE Passport engines power the Global 7500 each offering 18,920 pounds of thrust. The aircraft is fitted with a Global Vision flight deck and a Rockwell Collins avionics system.


The Global 7500 typically accommodates around 19 passengers, this can vary based on the specific interior configuration chosen by the owner or operator. It boasts a lavish interior, divided into up to four sections including a full-size kitchen and a dedicated crew suite. The typical cabin dimensions are approximately 54.5 ft (16.6 m) in length, 6.2 ft (1.89 m) in height, and 8 feet (2.4 m) in width.


Maximum Cruise Speed: 507 kts 1104 km/hr
Long-Range Speed: 480 kts 902 km/hr

Airfield Performance

Takeoff distance: 5.760ft (1756m)
Landing distance: 2.237ft (682 m)

Operating Altitude

Maximum operating altitude: 51.000 ft (15,545m)
Initial cruise altitude: 43.000 ft (13,106m)

Noise Level (EPNdB)

Takeoff: 80.3
Sideline: 92.5
Approach: 88.8


A. Maximum Payload: 5,800 lb (26.30 kg) 
B. Maximum takeoff weight: 106.250 lb (48.194 kg) 
C. Maximum landing weight: 85.800 lb (38.919 kg) 
D. Maximum zero fuel weight: 62.500 lb (28.350 kg) 

Range Report

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