February 16, 2024  ·  Chad Anderson

Retaining business aviation’s new entrants

During the pandemic, business aviation became a hugely attractive option for those who had the means but had never previously flown privately. Many ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWI) quickly recognized the health, safety, time and productivity benefits business aviation offers.

It’s encouraging to read that some 95% of new entrants are continuing to fly privately, according to a study featured in Aviation International News. To support the long-term success of our sector, we need to build on this momentum to ensure all users of business aviation continue to have an exceptional experience. Here’s how.

Providing value

Our industry must promote the benefits of business aviation, which unlocks opportunity and drives economic growth by maximizing efficiency and connectivity.

During the pandemic, the ability to travel without boarding packed planes and waiting in crowded terminals was self-evident. This also provides peace of mind today, on top of the additional convenience and connectivity offered, which is particularly valuable when airlines are still frequently delayed.

The value business aviation provides is only increasing as improvements in technology unlock more efficient and more sustainable travel, while access to high-speed data means aircraft can function as ‘offices in the sky’. As an industry, we can build on this by holding ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to further enhancing the business aviation experience.

Providing expert advice

Our industry also has a role to play in ensuring buyers fully utilize these benefits. Given the wide range of business jets on the market, spanning six basic categories from very light jets (VLJs) to large jets, it’s our duty to provide proper guidance and expertise to ensure new business aviation users end up with the make and model best suited to their mission profile.

Drawing on our insight into the market and a deep understanding of buyers’ needs is a key pillar of how we operate at Jetcraft. We want every customer to understand and realize the long-term value of their investment, and this starts with securing the right aircraft for their mission.

Harnessing data to offer greater transparency

By providing complete data transparency – demonstrating the full costs of aircraft ownership, including operating costs and tax implications – we can empower new entrants to confidently embark on their business aviation journey.

This is a core commitment for us, which is why we harness our access to data and technology to help new entrants fully educate themselves on the costs of owning and operating aircraft. We also provide highly sophisticated valuation techniques, ensuring our buyers secure the best price for their aircraft, as well as gaining a full understanding of its value and expected future performance.

With the pandemic introducing many new users to business aviation, there is a real opportunity to foster the long-term success of the industry by fully meeting the needs of these buyers, some of whom are now three years into their ownership journey. The future of our industry depends on championing our offer and providing insight and expertise that delivers for new and existing customers.

Minneapolis, MN, US


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