March 5, 2024

The Jetcraft deal structure

At Jetcraft, we’ve put together the strongest and most dedicated team of aviation specialists, ready to sell your aircraft quickly and at the best price. That includes our legal experts, who handle negotiations for letters of intent, purchase agreements, and closing for each aircraft, while simultaneously advising the sales team on how to best structure their transactions.

In this video, Matt Potts, General Counsel EMEA, explains the dedicated support Jetcraft can provide, navigating even the most complex of deals.

How is the legal team involved in Jetcraft’s deals?

The legal team are generally only involved if we are purchasing and selling an aircraft. This could be an almost simultaneous purchase and sale, purchase for inventory or sale out of our inventory. We handle all the negotiations for the letters of intent, purchase agreements, drafting, closing preparations, and closing of the aircraft. On the front end of the deals, we will also advise the sales team on how to properly structure a transaction and get the logistics right so that we can get the deal done successfully.

What was a recent deal you have worked on?

We were able to get an aircraft transaction completed that was an immediate buy and sell. It was fairly difficult because of the jurisdictions involved. The aircraft was in Southeast Asia and was going to a country in Europe, which has notoriously difficult structures around the registration process. The APA negotiations were fairly simple but when it came time for us to close, there were a lot of hoops we had to jump through. Luckily, we had done a lot of our homework on the front end of the deal. We worked with the sales team a lot to make sure that everyone knew what the requirements were, we had local council engaged in each jurisdiction and through that, we were able to make the deal happen.

How do you ensure cross-border transactions are efficient and seamless?

I think the key thing really is to know your limitations, I’m not an expert in every jurisdiction and I never will be, but every jurisdiction has an expert in it. Find out who you need to talk to for help and once the transaction is in place and ready to close, that you have become aware of what is needed to be done, that you have the necessary help, and that you have relied on the correct people who can get you there to get the deal done.

Have you encountered any logistical challenges when closing a transaction?

I mean every transaction is different and each pose their own unique challenges. Whether that’s a buyer wanting to close mid-flight, which we’ve been able to do here and there, or parts not being able to reach where the aircraft is and trying to figure out how we can close in a jurisdiction where we’re not used to. The one thing we do better than anybody in the market is solve those issues and figure out ways to make the deal happen.


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