Jetcraft Presents The 2017 Market Forecast

Jetcraft’s third-annual ten-year business aviation market forecast has been released, with the sector primed to begin a new business cycle of steadier, healthier growth and expanding revenues.

Key Findings Include:

  • The forecast predicts 8,349 unit deliveries representing $252 billion in revenues (based on 2017 pricing) to be realized by 2026.
  • The forecast projects significantly more revenue during the next business cycle, peaking at $31.4 billion in the year 2025.
  • The global business aviation installed base of just more than 21,000 aircraft will surpass the 28,000-unit mark (net retirements) in 2026, growing 33% during the forecast period.
  • If market assumptions established over the previous business cycle remain, absorption rates in the pre-owned market will shorten over the forecast period.
  • Customer demand continues to shift more toward widebody models at the expense of narrowbodies. The large jet category will constitute 31% (2,589 units) of the total unit delivery forecast, accounting for more than 63% of total revenue.
  • The list price per aircraft, which already increased 56% throughout the last decade, is projected to increase a further 16% through 2026.
  • Bombardier will re-acquire the highest revenue market share over the forecast period with 29.2%.

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