July 20, 2020

Jetcraft first to offer MicroShield 360 antimicrobial treatment by F/LIST

Jetcraft is the launch customer for interiors specialist F/LIST’s Microshield 360 treatment program, which protects against SARS-CoV-2* and other pathogens that may otherwise live on cabin surfaces.

Additionally, Jetcraft is the first aircraft dealer using MicroShield 360. The coating system is available for all in-service aircraft purchased through the company, and will be applied to all eligible aircraft within Jetcraft’s owned inventory, beginning July 14.

Chad Anderson, president at Jetcraft, says: “MicroShield 360 is one of many ways we are expanding our offering to meet clients’ needs during Covid-19. We are pleased to be the first aircraft dealer implementing the treatment, so buyers can be confident their health is protected when purchasing directly from Jetcraft.

“Our first two jets, a Bombardier Challenger 604 and Global 5000, were treated by F/LIST on July 14. I was highly impressed by the speed of the application, which only took two hours from start to finish for a whole year of protection.”

MicroShield 360 is an antimicrobial coating system which is colorless, odorless and safe for all aircraft interiors. Owners can be reassured that it is eco-friendly, non-toxic and hypoallergenic, and won’t cause any deterioration to their aircraft cabin.

The interior application takes place in two parts: an initial disinfectant to sterilize the cabin, followed by the application of MicroShield 360, which forms a barrier of nanoscopic spikes. The spikes physically destroy germs by piercing the cell membranes, preventing them from adhering to and contaminating a surface.

An electrostatic sprayer is used to apply MicroShield 360, generating a molecular bond with the cabin surface which is equal to 40x the pull of gravity. As a result, the system is extremely abrasion resistant. Combined with regular cleaning, the treatment will ensure all surfaces are effectively self-disinfecting for 12+ months.

Sean Johnson, CEO, F/LIST Canada, adds: “In the present climate, it pays to be fastidious about your health and the cleanliness of your environment, particularly whilst traveling. With F/List partnering with Jetcraft we can bring MicroShield 360 directly to new aircraft owners, underlining how safe, controlled and comfortable travel can be when flying privately. F/List has long been known for innovative technologies that upgrade the cabin experience, and MicroShield 360 falls perfectly into that category.”

All Microshield 360 treatments are subject to Jetcraft approval. Some exclusions apply.

*SARS-CoV-2 is the virus that causes Covid-19.

Pictured at top: Jetcraft Sales Manager John Schwartz (R) and F/List Director Business Development & Sales – North America Eliane Cotran (L) – on board Jetcraft’s owned inventory Bombardier Challenger 604 s/n 5578 which has just been treated with Microshield 360.

Pictured right: Jetcraft’s Bombardier Global 5000 s/n 9293 being treated with Microshield 360. Available now for sale or trade.

Aircraft with MicroShield 360

These aircraft listings have been treated with MicroShield 360.

2009 Bombardier Global 5000 sn 9293

  • 6,681.4 Hours; 3,097 Cycles
  • Fully Enrolled on Programs
  • Batch 3.3 & ADS-B Out Compliant

2004 Bombardier Challenger 604 sn 5578

  • 6,563 Hours; 3,622 Landings
  • Engines & APU enrolled on programs
  • FANS 1/A+, ADS-B Out

2014 Bombardier Challenger 605 sn 5955

  • 1,699 Hours; 919 Landings
  • 12 Passenger Interior
  • Pro Line 21 Advanced


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